Ethical issues in radiological protection

19-06-2015 - FANC, Brussels

EU Seminar 18 November 2014 on Fukushima
(Lessons learned and issues): focus on ethical issues

Overview of the seminar (Frank Hardeman)
Personal views on the ethical lessons from Fukushima & general discussion
Frank Hardeman (chairman of the seminar)
Hans Van Marcke (participant in the round table)
Gilbert Eggermont (invited expert)
Lodewijk Van Bladel (invited expert)
Patrick Smeesters (chairman of the Art 31 RIHSS WG that organized the seminar)

Ethical issues in medical exposures (Lodewijk Van Bladel)
Second European workshop on the ethical dimensions of the radiological protection system (Madrid, 4-6 February 2015: IRPA, SFRP, SPR, ICRP): overview and presentations made by Patrick Smeesters