Hoe handelen bij incidenten?

04-10-2013 - VBO-FEB Brussels

Organisation: BVS-ABR, FANC, Co-Prev, VVIB

Introduction by P. Van der Donckt, S. Leonard (FANC)

Past incidents and lessons learned by S. Leonard, P. Willems (FANC)

Procedures for dealing with incidental exposures; the current situation of the working groups radiation protection in occupational medicine by C. Verbeek (Co-Prev)

Good collaboration between health physics and occupational medicine by V. Pirlet (ULg)

Dose reconstruction and other measures taken after incidental external exposures by E. De Geest (AV Controlatom)

Treatment and follow-up of incidentally exposed workers by L. Holmstock (SCK•CEN)