• BVS-ABR E&T event: new radiotherapeutic techniques

    Organised by BVS-ABR

    Bordet Institute


    Auditoire - Institut Jules Bordet, rue Meylemeersh 90, 1070 Anderlecht (acces)



    This E&T event aims to present the various new practices, activities and means in the field of radiotherapy with a specific topic on the radioprotection, meaning a focus on the radioprotection of the public, workers and also for the patient (limitation of the dose, justification of the treatment and technic).


    Final programme

    9:00 Introduction (P Froment – P Kockerols)

    Radiotherapy – “External beam”

    9:10 Nick Reynaert (IJ Bordet) – BNCT : A new treatment – new possibilities – new radioprotection ? Advantages for patient ?

    9:35 Sébastien Penninckx (IJ Bordet – UNamur) – FLASH therapy : A game changer in radiotherapy 

    10:00 Frédéric Stichelbaut (IBA) : Protonthérapie : Construction / radioprotection – calcul de blindage

    10:25 – 10:45 Pause-café

    10:45 Guy Berger (IBA) Protontherapy center – Installation and associated acceptance tests protocols

    11:10 Sofie Isebaert (UZLeuven) - Proton therapy : short general feedback from Leuven

    Valérie Augustyns (UZLeuven) - Proton therapy : RP feedback from  Leuven

    11:40 Lien van Walle (Belgian Cancer Registry) National registry on hadrontherapy

    12:05 – 13:00 Lunch Time

    Radiotherapy – “Radionuclides

    13:00 André Kolmayer (NucAdvisor): From EU “Strategic Agenda for Medical Ionising Radiation Applications (SAMIRA)”

    13:25 Margarida Goulart (EU): EU research and policy developments in the medical use of radionuclides

    13:50 Sven van den Berghe (PanTera) : Ac-225 : goals and production

    14:15 Maarten Ooms (SCK CEN) : Advancements in Tb-161 radiopharmaceutical

    14:40 – 15:00 Pause-café

    15:00 Valery Host (IRE) : Amélioration de la RP avec le passage du HEU au LEU

    15:25 An Fremout - Daan van der Meersch (AFCN) : Regulatory aspects in Belgium for new practises

    16:00 Closing words


    Registration and payment

    The participation fee for the BVS-ABR E&T event ‘New radiotherapeutic techniques’ amounts to:

    • € 25 (BVS-ABR members)
    • € 60 (non-members)
    • € 20 (students)
    RIZIV-INAMI accreditation and FANC-AFCN credits have been requested.

    9-6-202309:00 9-6-202317:00 Europe/Brussels BVS-ABR E&T event: new radiotherapeutic techniques Bordet Institute Organised by BVS-ABR