• BVS-ABR WEBINAR: Young scientists session on radiobiology


    This is an online event

    Due to the actual COVID-19 situation, this event will be broadcasted online !! 


    13:30h Welcome (BVS-ABR)

    13:40h New insights into the low dose effects of ionizing radiation (Michel Bourguignon, University Paris Saclay)

    14:00h Biomarkers of radiation sensitivity in cancer cells (Auchi Inalegwu, SCK CEN - UAntwerpen)

    14:20h A novel S/G2-micronucleus assay for the detection of radiosensitivity in PID patients (Evi Duthoo - UGent)

    14:40h Biomedical countermeasures to increase radiation resistance of astronauts (Bjorn Baselet - SCK CEN)

    15:10h Coffee

    15:40 Gold nanoparticles for cancer radiosensitization (Noami Daems, SCK CEN - UNamur)

    16:00 Proton therapy (Charlot Vandevoorde, iThemba, South Africa)

    16:20 Neurocognitive dysfunction and signs of brain aging in response to early-life irradiation (Mieke Verslegers, SCK CEN)

    16:40 Potential novel target to protect the cardiovascular system in radiotherapy patients (Raghda Ramadan, SCK CEN)

    17:00 Wrap up and closing remarks (BVS-ABR)

    16-10-2020 16-10-2020 Europe/Brussels BVS-ABR WEBINAR: Young scientists session on radiobiology This is an online event BVS-ABR