• BHPA Symposium, including a joint session with BVS-ABR

    BHPA, in collaboration with BVS-ABR

    Kaai 17, Liefdadigheidstraat 1, 9300 Aalst

    The radiotherapy departments of the AZ Sint Lucas hospital Gent and the OLV hospital Aalst have the great pleasure to invite you to the 34th Annual BHPA Symposium which will take place in Aalst on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd February 2019. 

    The theme of this meeting is “Bridging the gap between imaging and therapy” as we would like to focus the scientific program on a closer collaboration between disciplines.

    Programme of the Joint session BHPA-BVS-ABR on Friday afternoon;

    14h00 - 14h30 (Jolien Berlamont - FANC) Revision of the health physics organisation
    14h30 - 14h50 (Danielle Berus - VUB) How the interaction between MPE and RPE can strengthen radiation protection
    14h50 - 15h00 (Filip Vanhavere - SCK•CEN) Radiation Protection Research in Euratom and in Belgium: a focus on health and medical topics

    15h00 - 15h30 Coffee break

    15h30 - 16h00 (Kristof Baete - Niki Bergans - KULeuven) Optimisation of patient and staff doses in metabolic therapy
    16h00 - 16h20 (Jelle Smeulders – VUB - SCK•CEN) Correlation between routine personal dosimetry and the dose to the brain of interventional cardiologists
    16h20 - 16h40 (Dimitri Buytaert - UGent) The impact of recent X-ray and image processing technology on occupational exposure during coronary angiography procedures 
    16h40 - 17h00 (Abdelrahman Mahmoud - SCK•CEN) PODIUM project: Personal Online DosImetry Using computational Methods

    The programme of the full symposium is available online on the website of BHPA.

    Registration is mandatory.


    1-2-2019 2-2-2019 Europe/Brussels BHPA Symposium, including a joint session with BVS-ABR During the first day of this symposium, BHPA has a joint session with BVS-ABR. Kaai 17, Liefdadigheidstraat 1, 9300 Aalst BHPA, in collaboration with BVS-ABR