• NEA International Radiological Protection School (IRPS)

    OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

    Stockholm University, Sweden

    Nuclear Energy Agency - International Radiological Protection School

    Key topics

    The following subjects will be covered during the programme to be held over five full days, with sessions built on a mix of presentations and illustrative case study discussions. Leadership and stakeholder engagement skills will be deliberated as an undercurrent of the more technical aspects of these topics, and illustrative case studies will be used to introduce practical aspects of the implementation of RP actions:

    • the foundation of the international RP framework – detriment, dose, and other fundamentals; exploring the RP system: past, present, and future;
    • building a system of protection around exposure situations: new approaches in international guidance;
    • evolving issues: ethics, NORM, and public communication;
    • state of the art: radiological aspects of biological, epidemiological and social science.

    Learning objectives

    • Gain an historical overview of how and why the RP system has evolved, and an understanding of the levels, effects and risks of ionising radiation – explained by the experts who contributed to the system's creation;
    • critically understand how the RP system's key features are applied in RP regulation and implementation;
    • understand the roles and differences in approaches at the international and national levels (e.g. International Commission on Radiological Protection [ICRP], International Atomic Energy Agency Basic Safety Standards [IAEA-BSS], European Basic Safety Standards Directives [EU-BSS], National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements [NCRP]);
    • learn about the current state of the art in biological, epidemiological and social science fields as applicable to radiological protection;
    • discuss lecturer and participant perceptions, experiences and suggestions in relation to the potential evolutionary direction of the current RP system;
    • illustrate good RP communication and leadership skills through presentations and case studies.



    20-8-2018 24-8-2018 Europe/Brussels NEA International Radiological Protection School (IRPS) Stockholm University, Sweden OECD Nuclear Energy Agency