• Covid-19 & Radiation Protection - IRPA YGN testimonies and sharing

    Dear Young Professional and Scientists in Radiation Protection
    Due to the Covid-19 outbreak many things have changed in our daily life. However, radiation protection has to continue and professionals worldwide in the various fields of radiation protection have to adapt to the new situation: in nuclear power plant, in hospital, research etc.
    The IRPA Young Generation can initiate a collection and sharing of testimonies and experience from the IRPA Young Generation Network on the Covid impact on radiation protection and how to ensure its consistence given the circumstances.
    Here are some questions: 

    1. What are the difficulties encountered in your daily-job of radiation protection professional because of the Covid?
    2. How to ensure the continuity and consistency of a high level of RP given the circumstances? What are the initiatives taken? Any practical lessons-learned to share?
    3. What difficulties remain?

    You can answer directly in this thread of email and you can also use this layout (.docx).

    Please disseminate the email+layout to your national YGN to collect more testimonies. 

    A specific area has also been devoted in the IRPA YGN Blog (https://irpaygn.posthaven.com). 

    1. [bonus question] : what is your favorite home-made drink when you are lockdown at home for several weeks? 

    We look forward to hear from you,

    Sylvain Andresz and Akihiro Sakoda   



    International Radiation Protection Association Young Generation Network (IRPA YGN)