• BVS-ABR Scientific meeting on hadron therapy


    FANC-AFC, Ravensteinstraat 36, 1000 Brussel

    Scientific meeting “Proton therapy – From the Need to the Solution”

    Goal : Since a few years, a new type of installation is foreseen in Belgium : the famous “Proton-Therapy”. Based on the medical needs and justifications, the aim of the meeting is to present the state of the art, regarding the dosimetric calculation by the Medical Physicist and the technical specifications of the installation. The last presentation will define the radiation protection around this kind of installations.

    Place : FANC, Rue Ravensteinstraat 36, 1000 Brussels
    Date : 23.06.2017
    Timing : 14.00 – 17.00

    14.00-14.30 : Dr. Xavier Geets (Saint-Luc, UCL) : “Photon- et/ou proton- thérapie : aspects médicaux”

    14.30-15.00 : Prof. Dr. Ir. Tom Depuydt (UZ Gasthuisberg) : “Proton Therapy Technology in the Clinic”

    15.00-15.15 : Coffee Break

    15.15-15.45 : Dr. Sc. Wiel Kleeven (IBA) : “Accelerator, Beamline and Gantry technology for IBA Proton Therapy Systems”

    15.45-16.15 : Dr. Ir. Steven Peetermans (Controlatom) : “Overwegingen van stralingsbescherming voor protonentherapie : innovatieve invulling van een vertrouwd concept”

    16.15-16.45 : “Question time” - Conclusions

    23-6-2017 23-6-2017 Europe/Brussels BVS-ABR Scientific meeting on hadron therapy FANC-AFC, Ravensteinstraat 36, 1000 Brussel BVS-ABR