Some interesting addresses on radiation protection :


International organisations

International Radiation Protection Assocation :  (bulletins)
International Commission on Radiological Protection:
United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR): 
European Commission: (seminars in radiation protection)
Health Physics Society : 
International Atomic Energy Agency: 
Nuclear Energy Agency (OECD): 
International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements: 
RAdiation Dose Assessment Resource - RADAR: 
European ALARA network (EAN): (newsletters)
European Training and Education in Radiation Protection Foundation (EUTERP): (newsletters)
European NORM Association:
Association Radioprotection Cirkus: 

Local Organisations

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Stralingshygiëne (NVS): 
Société Française de Radioprotection (Fr): 
Fachverband für strahlenschutz (D): 
Strahlenschutzkommission (D): 
Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear (Es): 
Swedisch Radiation Protection Institute (S): 
Canadian Radiation Protection Association (Can): 
Nuclear Safety Institute Kurchatov Institute (SU): 
National Radiological Protection Board (GB): 
Uruguayan Radiation Protection Association (UR): 

National Organisations

Bel V: 
AIB Vinçotte Controlatom: 
Association Vinçotte Nuclear: 
Belgian Nuclear Society: 
Société Belge de Médecine Nucléaire/Belgische Vereniging voor Nucleaire Geneeskunde: 
Belgian Museum of Radiology: 

National Legislation and Regulation

Belgisch Staatsblad/Moniteur Belge: 

Public Education On-Line

Nucleair risico in België: 
Uranium Information Centre Ltd, Australia: 
Radiation and Health Physics: 
National Institute of Standards and Technology: 
NIST Technology Services: 
NIST Phycics Lab: 
Making Sense of Radiation: 

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New EAN ALARA handbook
4 OKT2019

> A comprehensive overview of the ALARA process ; > Specificities of ALARA according to the exposure situations ; > Practical examples coming from 20 years of experience of the Network.

11/10/2019 - programme available
9 SEP2019

Programme available now!

2nd announcement EAN workshop
3 SEP2019

19th EAN WORKSHOP Innovative ALARA tools 26th -29th November 2019 Athens, Greece Jointly organised with the PODIUM Project (Personal Online DosImetry Using computational Methods)

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